Reading Motorcycle Club

Founded 1911 Incorporated 1914  AMA #4

Over 100 Years of  "Something Doing All The Time..."







Reading Motorcycle Club, Inc.
208 Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 396
Oley, PA 19547

Phone: (610) 987-6422

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Welcome to the Reading Motorcycle Club!

Located in scenic Oley, Pennsylvania, we are one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the United States. Our current membership is over 1,300 members making us one of the largest clubs in existence.

As an AMA charter club our mission is to promote the sport of motorcycling. We host a variety of events throughout the year including drag racing, poker runs, POW/MIA runs, and various charity fund raisers. Most of our events are open to the general public and everyone is welcome to attend.

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ALL U.S. Veterans

Information is available to all U.S. Veterans pertaining to services, discounts and opportunities that you may have not known existed for you. Click on the link below and then click on the blue underlined link that you're interested in learning more about. Should you have any questions or comments please contact Jason Robbins by email at and he will take care of it for you.

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2024 Bash Info

The 2024 Bash is just around the corner. The bands have been booked and the bash flyer has been posted. Please check out the links below for the bash flyer and Anniversary page for important info pertaining to the event.

2024 Bash Flyer

Anniversary Party Page

2024 Bike & Rod

The 2024 Bike & Rod is all set for August 10th. This is a great event to help someone in need of our support. So please, mark your calendar and stop by to see some great custom bikes and cars as well as motorcycle drag racing.

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75th Anniversary Picture

Below are links to a picture taken at the clubs 75th Anniversary in 1989. One picture is just the picture and the other has names linked to each guy. See how many you can guess before you open the one with the names.

Picture Without Names

Picture With Names

You will need Adobe Reader to open them.


A list of all of our Fallen Brothers has been posted. There's a link to this new page on Our Fallen Brothers page at the bottom in blue. Please check it out and if there's any spelling corrections, someone that's been missed or if you'd like to add a picture of someone please send an email with the information to...

Our Road Captain put together information regarding blocking during a Club Run, Frosted Nutt run or any motorcycle run made specifically by the Reading Motorcycle Club.

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If the RMC website has words on top of each other or things are out of place click the link below and follow the directions to fix it.

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Club House Hours

Wednesday - 5pm til ?Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - 5pm til 2am
Saturday - 12pm til 2am
Sunday - 12pm til 10pm